Extended Care

Extended Care Policy

The PCS Pride Extended Care Program provides qualified caregivers to the Peru Catholic students in a safe, loving and caring Christian atmosphere.  In return, we hope that this program will bring peace of mind and well-being for you, the parent(s), knowing that your child(ren) are well cared for.

Please Note:  There will not be any before/After care services on early out/dismissal dates!

Program Procedures:

  1. Parents may send something for their child(ren) to eat while at the program. Parents may also send a snack to share with the rest of the students if they wish.
  2. Parents will need to sign-in/sign-out their child(re) each day.
  3. Payment is due at time of drop off or pick up. Parents may pay in advance if they know their schedule. but will still need to sign-in/sign-out each day
  4. Students may be enrolled for daily participation as needed.
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Daily Admission Fees:

$3.00 per child for AM session

$5.00 per child for PM session

$1.00 for every minute after the 5:15 pickup


All rules of behavior as part of the school policy are also the policy of the Extended Care Program.  Children are expected to be responsible for their behavior and develop self-control as befitting their developmental level.  Time- out will be used as a disciplinary measure.  No child will be subjected to verbal or physical abuse.  Firm, positive statements with guidance to help solve one's own problems will be employed.